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“We have worked with KW Therapy for some 5 years now and found them very easy to work with. They understand the client’s needs and requirements and give great on-going support and advice. They also bring excellent insight into situations that require specialist knowledge and understanding of the client’s requirements. KW Therapy has a wide age group of whom they assist and in a lot of cases give the freedom of life back to the client. They are very flexible and cooperate to arrange appointment and liaise with clients and other parties involved”

Philip Rawlinson, Keep Active Mobility

KW therapy have been working with my daughter for around 3 years now. They have been brilliant! Initially they were providing equipment she needed which was a huge relief as there were so many things she needed and I didn't know where to start. She is now involved with a team from KW Therapy as she needs a lot of work with her fine motor skills. They have worked closely with my daughter, myself and school and the difference is amazing. They are really friendly and are amazing with her - they have the patience of a saint. My daughter is making steady progress and enjoys the sessions, she has built up a trusting relationship and will comply. Before KW Therapy was involved my daughter would not let anyone touch her arm or hand and she didn't use it, she just neglected it; now she will let them do almost anything and does use her right arm to some degree for helping to eat etc.


“KW Therapy’s expertise in their field and their vast knowledge of our products is second to none. Karen always looks to innovate products and source the best for her client’s long term needs. Her attention to detail enables us to quickly identify the most appropriate product for the client.”

Phillip Wood, Vida

“KW Therapy works with a number of solicitors including Potter Rees Dolan and Slater Gordon offering her expertise, attention to detail. She has an ability to work closely with them to ensure the client receives appropriate rehabilitation to aid their physical and cognitive well being. Karen delivers the right help and guidance to the individual to address their long term needs.”

Heather Lodge, Brain Injury Case Manager, Total Case Management