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KW Therapy Occupational Therapists are experienced in splinting and are able to offer assessment for and provision of appropriate splints.

“A device applied to directly and externally to the patient’s body with the object of supporting, correcting or compensating for an anatomical deformity or weakness, however caused. It may be applied with the additional object of assisting, allowing or restricting movement of the body”. (NAROT Clinical Guidelines, 2001)

Splints can be either off the shelf splints or bespoke, individualised splints can be made by the Therapist.

They can be used to assist upper limb rehabilitation and enable the client to achieve a better outcome in activities.

A patient centred approach is required. “One splint DOES NOT fit all”

Why Splint?

Immobilisation – post ORIF

Pain relief – post #, soft tissue injury, RA

Support – ligament injury

Protection – tendon repair, protect joint integrity in RA Function – nerve palsy

Prevention/correction of deformity – nerve palsy, RA,Stroke/Brain Injury

Oedema control - burns

Maintenance/Restoration of ROM – tendon repairs, fixed flexion deformities

Scar remodelling – post burns, injury, surgery.