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Specialist Wheelchair Assessments

A Wheelchair assessment involves reviewing the applicant’s medical history, a discussion of clinical mobility need, and a physical assessment. The person’s abilities in the following areas will be considered:

     •     Cognition

     •     Neuro-musculoskeletal (the interaction between

          nerves, muscles and bones)

     •     Sensory Skills (Sight, touch, hearing)

     •     Motor skills (ability to perform movements)

     •     Psychosocial skills (ability to relate to others)

     •     Educational skills.

The assessment also considers the individual’s lifestyle, what they want to be able to do independently, and where. We have experience in knowing what options are available such as rubber rimmed wheels, supportive footplates etc.

We assess for many different types of wheelchair including manual wheelchairs, active user wheelchairs (which can be adjusted to meet specific needs more than standard chairs), powered wheelchairs, pressure relieving cushions, and special seating inserts. By providing users with the most suitable equipment we aim to give them more independence, reduce pain and correct posture or accommodate postural deformities.

We train the user and carer(s) how to use the wheelchair equipment, how to push and move the wheelchair with as little effort as possible and educate them on the importance of pressure relieving exercises. We also work closely with wheelchair services and other agencies/providers to make sure the patient’s surroundings are suitable for the wheelchair, whether this be at home, work or school. Users are provided with information on the maintenance arrangements for the equipment and their needs can be re-assessed as and when necessary at a future date.