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Specialist Adult Assessment and Rehabilitation

The Occupational Therapists at KW Therapy are all experienced in carrying out assessments and formulating treatment programmes for a variety of conditions and disorders.

We aim through rehabilitation to improve the client's potential in all areas of their lifestyle, and thus improve their quality of life.

We include family members and wider support agencies in all our rehabilitation programmes, and so the provision of advice and training on goals, their planning and how to achieve them is important to us as a service.

Areas of assessment include:

•     Personal and Domestic activities, and provision of small aids to help achieve independence in

     these tasks.

•     Social activities and hobbies returning to, or introducing new interests.

•     Regaining purposeful activity and roles within the family.

•     Achieving day to day structure by working with daily/weekly planners, budget planning and

     regaining skills outside of the home.

•     Compensatory strategies to cognitive impairment.

•     Road safety and independence in public transport, including working through anxiety issues

     and coping strategies.

•     Equipment assessment and provision specifically for achieving individual goals, e.g. to aid

•     memory or planning or to gain physical independence in a task such as bathing.