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Seating and Posture Assessments

Posture is important to us all. There are numerous benefits to correct positioning including: effective digestion, respiratory function, comfort and pressure relief. For some, this may involve sourcing the correct armchair for use in the daytime, for others it may be wheelchair or assistance with posture in lying, looking at an optimum night time positioning.

We feel it is important to remember that clients who have limited mobility are often sitting or lying in one position for several hours per day which increases risks of skin breakdown, pain, fatigue and further immobility. These are the issues we aim to reduce.

Whatever the need is our Occupational Therapists at KW Therapy can provide detailed thorough assessment. This may involve trialing different equipment – sleep systems, seating or wheelchair options. We feel this stage is extremely important and have identified that it is difficult to determine whether something is suitable for a client in a half hour trial therefore we strive for at least a 24 hour trial of the equipment if we feel it is suitable. We work with many different equipment suppliers and have a good working relationship with all of them. Following this assessment process we will provide our recommendations.

Posture is influenced by a number of issues:

     •     Muscle tone (i.e. high or low)

     •     Body shape and size (i.e. height and weight)

     •     Gravity

     •     Length of time required to be in a particular posture

     •     The level of the clients health, well-being or emotional


As Occupational Therapists we look at the client’s relationship between

     •     Comfort

     •     Stability

     •     Function