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Pain Management

Pain is a very individual experience; only the person feeling the pain can describe it properly. It is not well understood either in humans or animals and since it is complex and cannot be directly measured. Two people may undergo the same unpleasant experience but each will have a different description of the pain. This makes it difficult to define and treat.

KW Therapy offers a range of treatment options for dealing with both acute and longstanding pain conditions including:

     •     Fibromyalgia

     •     Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis pain

     •     Neuropathic pain

     •     Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

     •     Painful and sensitive scarring

Treatment will be an individualised goal-orientated programme with full inclusion of the client in all decisions regarding treatment modalities.

Treatments could include:

     •     Relaxation and breathing techniques

     •     Scar massage and desensitisation

     •     Information regarding TENS

          (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve

          Stimulation) Machines

     •     Information regarding acupuncture

     •     Gentle exercise advice and programmes

     •     Pacing, energy conservation and

          managing everyday activity

     •     Distraction – returning to/or taking up

          new hobbies

     •     Workplace advice