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Moving and Handling

All the team at KW Therapy Ltd are trained in Moving and Handling techniques, including a number of therapists who have advanced ‘Train the Trainer’ skills and experience.

All the therapists are therefore able to assess and review manual handling needs for individual clients, offering education, training and advice to families, carers and other agencies as necessary.

A detailed assessment is undertaken identifying what the task is and the issues that limit the task i.e. mobility, pain, the equipment available and also the people who assist the task including the client. It is important to recognise the individuals needs and wishes and involve them as much as possible in the process, to look at the client and the environment, also the people who are assist the task – preparation is important in the aim to reduce the impact as much as possible.

Equipment may be required if alternative strategies are not enough and these can be trailed with the client in their own environment alongside the people who would be assisting the client.

We at KW Therapy can provide education and training to the client and care team on the recommended way on moving the client, how to use the equipment safely and how to involve the client as much as possible.