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Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy is a specialist area of Occupational Therapy.

KW Therapy has Occupational Therapist's who have specialised experience in working in hand therapy, with clients who have Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis conditions, pre and post hand surgery input, and work-related disorders of the upper limb.

A wide variety of treatment modalities are used in order to achieve a return to functional hand use e.g. Mirror Therapy as shown above; FES within activity; Splint provision including bespoke and off the shelf splints.

Hand Therapy is a term that encompasses therapeutic management of the hand and OT’s tend to use functional modalities.

Aims of Treatment include:

•     To reduce pain

•     Reduce oedema

•     Increase joint ROM

•     Increase tendon glide

•     Increase power & strength

•     Test, monitor and re-educate sensation

•     Promote scar care

•     Teach home exercise programmes

•     To motivate & encourage patients

•     Promote functional use of the hand and facilitate a

•     return to normal function

•     Facilitate return to pre-injury activities

•     Discourage compensatory techniques

•     Advice and Education